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"Login as Client" and bridge redirect Note that when you "login as client" from the WHMCS back-end you will not be redirected to your... "My Services" is not listing anything via the bridge but it is in WHMCS (using nginx) On nginx web servers we have found that sometimes there is a "q" GET parameter passed in the... Avoiding permalink issues when running WHMCS in a subdirectory of WordPress When WHMCS is installed in a subdirectory of WordPress and you want to activate knowledgebase,... Do you offer discounts? Sure, use the coupon code IREADTHEKB and get a discount on your purchase. Email Links The email links auto generated by WHMCS will always remain direct links to your WHMCS... Help! My Admin user has been changed to Subscriber! Note: This issue has been resolved - if you are still experiencing it - please make sure you have... How are licenses checked? As of version 3.6.2 the following updates have been made If the license check fails for any of... How do I link directly to a product? Please see our page on the WHMCS Bridge Shortcodes   How do I set up SSL - HTTPS? You should be able to set up SSL directly within WordPress, if you are having issues then it is... How do I use short codes? Please see our page on WHMCS Bridge Shortcodes   How do I use the Widgets appearing in my WordPress Widgets section? The widgets created by WHMCS Bridge are only for use with the "portal" WHMCS template. If you... I am getting duplicate products in my cart when using the MegaHost WordPress theme This is unfortunately a bug with the MegaHost theme - thanks to one of our clients who took the... I am getting intermittent "DOMDocument" or "loadXML" errors showing up on the bridge This error occurs when the Bridge cannot communicate with your WHMCS API correctly. To confirm... I have a blank page displaying! 1. It could be a theme issue. Verify that in your theme's header.php file, you see the... I have trouble with the formatting when viewing an invoice or a quote You probably have the bridge helper addon for WHMCS installed and pages are redirecting to your... I want a domain search widget on my website, how do I make one? Please see our page on WHMCS Bridge shortcodes I'm getting "Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error" This is most likely caused by the fact that Ioncube Loader is not installed on your server.... I'm getting an 'Invalid IP' message when syncing users If you're getting messages such as: " WHMCS returned: result=error;message=Invalid IP... Important .htaccess redirect for WHMCS Bridge PayPal Redirect WHMCS 8.x + As of WHMCS 8.0, the PayPal integration with WHMCS requires an... Installation Instructions HelloPlease see our installation instructions @... Installation Instructions for WHMCS Bridge PRO Please download our installation document from: IonCube Errors WHMCS Bridge Pro comes bundled with IonCube support. Please make sure you are running a version... Is WHMCS Bridge compatible with WPML (Multi lingual)? Yes, WHMCS Bridge is compatible with WordPress Multilingual (WPML). Please make sure you follow... My "Login to cPanel" or other submit buttons are not working on the client area To rectify this issue you will need to add the following to your "Custom JavaScript" box in WHMCS... My bridge page keeps keeps reloading in a loop! There are a number of issues that could be causing this. What technically is happening in most of... My client area tables (invoices, services etc.) are stuck on "Loading" ("six" based templates) This is something that happens when the jQuery library you have chosen in your WHMCS Bridge... My contact form - password reset is bouncing back to the login page This happens when your WHMCS System URL and Secure System URL (in WHMCS Admin > General... My drop downs are not displaying when I mouse over them This is a fairly common conflict with the "Six" theme but may happen in "Five" (the old... My icons are not displaying or displaying as blocks instead of the correct icon If you are having problems with icons not displaying when using the "Six" theme, or other modern... Settings up Sign-in Integrations (Facebook and Google) Please note - Twitter integration is currently not supported due to a limitation in the scripts... Some elements are not displaying (existing client, ticket reply) when using the Bridge Many WordPress themes have a conflicting CSS rule that causes certain hidden elements not to show... The bridge is not working, where do I start debugging? Here are a few hints to help you debug possible issues with your theme:Activate debug in... The encoded file **** is corrupt. This error typically occurs when you used FTP to transfer to software to your software but used... The integration is not perfect, how do I tweak it? There are literally hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes and it is not possible to predict... WHMCS Bridge IP of server showing instead of client IP If you seen the IP address of the server hosting WordPress showing on your WHMCS pages instead of... What about support and other emails? How do I get these to blend in with my WordPress site? To make sure that your support, billing and other emails direct the customer to your WordPress... When using the WHMCS portal template, the icons on the home page are overlapping the text, how do I fix this? For some reason WHMCS is forcing the width of columns 2 and 4 on that page to 50%. This causes... Where can I download WHMCS Bridge or Re-issue my license? Downloading: - Log in to WHMCS Bridge Client Area on our website, navigate to "Downloads" >... Why are WordPress users being assigned dummy address details when synced to WHMCS? When you synchronise your WordPress user database to WHMCS, WHMCS requires that certain fields be...
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