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Create a Membership Website using WordPress for Premium Content and WHMCS for Billing

Create a membership website using WHMCS for billing and WordPress to manage the content.
WHMCS Membership is a plugin for professional WordPress membership management, integrating seamlessly with WHMCS.
You can use WHMCS to define products, register and invoice customers.
You can then provide members access to WordPress pages, posts and custom post types based on their purchased WHMCS products.


  • Product Selection
    Select which WHMCS products you would like to make use of in your WordPress site.
  • Access Control your WordPress Pages
    Require active subscriptions sold via your WHMCS to access content of your WordPress site, easily configured via your post and page settings in WordPress.
  • Custom Messages
    Up-sell each product by defining custom “access denied” messages for each product type to be shown to users who have not subscribed.
  • Require Login
    Require login for users to access content on your WordPress site, combined with products or on its own.

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