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Settings up Sign-in Integrations (Facebook and Google) Print

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Please note - Twitter integration is currently not supported due to a limitation in the scripts use for integration.

Use the WHMCS guides are your base.

Facebook: View guide here

Considerations in the Facebook App Settings:

  • Authorised JavaScript Origins must include your WordPress domain URL if it is not the same as your WHMCS domain URL, eg:
    • https://yourwpdomain.tld
    • https://yourwhmcsdomain.tld
  • Authorised Redirect URIs must include both your Bridge URL and your WHMCS URL, eg:

Google: View guide here

Considerations in the Google App Settings:

  • Authorised domains must include your WordPress domain as well as your WHMCS domain if they are different, eg:
    • https://yourwpdomain.tld
    • https://yourwhmcsdomain.tld


If you are running your WordPress and WHMCS on the same parent domain but on different sub-domains, eg:

  • whmcs.yourdomain.tld for your WHMCS
  • yourdomain.tld for your WordPress

This is still considered two separate domains, and the above notes do apply.


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