How do I use short codes?

As of Pro version 3.0.0, you can use WHMCS bridge shortcodes in your WordPress pages. Note that the integration in this cases uses iframes instead of the standard integration.

Simply use [ whmcsbridge ] in any page (without the spaces between the []).

You can optionally set the WHMCS page to load like this example:

whmcsbridge page="supporttickets" ]
You can also pass additional variables in the general format:
whmcsbridge page="..." var1="..." var2="..." ]
For example:
whmcsbridge page="cart" a="add" domain="register" ]

** Shortcodes must be used without the spaces, i.e. [whmcs... and not [ whmcs... - we have left spaces so that WordPress doesn't trigger the shortcodes with our KB article.
*** Shortcodes currently do not work with SSO. Please use the Bridge URL for SSO, shortcodes are only provided as alternatives if you are having major styling issues and want to output WHMCS within a frame as a temporary workaround.
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