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New Server and Datacenter

  • 17th April 2014
Please note we have relocated to a new server and datacenter. We are confident that this new host provides a far more stable network at a better uplink provider.Any users who manage their own domains please note that the primary hosting IP has been changed to IP's can be changed to (primary) ...
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Server Downtime

  • 16th April 2014
Due to a user account being exploited our servers were unexpectadly brought down. We are in the process of restoring all accounts (excluding the exploited account) from backup. We apologise for the inconvenience and will be back up on new hardware in a new datacenter as soon as possible.Please note: IP's have changed so you will need to ...
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Notice: Onetime License holders for WHMCS Bridge

  • 12th April 2014
Onetime license holders will no longer be able to use new version of the WHMCS Bridge beyond version 3.2.0.For onetime license holders to receive updates beyond this version they will be required to upgrade to annual licenses. Onetime license holders will receive a 40% discount on their first years license fee. In addition to this discount, a ...
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3.2.1 Release issue

  • 3rd April 2014
Our first roll out of 3.2.1 (3 April 2014) had a minor glitch in the sso.php file which caused the SSO plugin to be hidden from the admin. 
If you downloaded the plugin today please re-download it and replace your sso.php file with the one in the zip.

Thank you.

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