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Major caching update & PHP 7 Support

  • Wednesday, 25th May, 2016
  • 23:14pm
IonCube has released an update allowing their decoder to be installed with PHP 7, please make sure you have this installed if you are running PHP 7 to use our Pro plugin. 

Major caching update

WHMCS Bridge has had its cache system overhauled. To significantly reduce resource usage and load time, it is recommended you enable the WHMCS Bridge Cache option (48 hours recommended) 

Updates include
  • Caching of JS and CSS files after they have been parsed by the bridge.
  • JS and CSS files stored as static files within your WordPress installation.
  • Static CSS and JS files served directly from WordPress instead of routing via the bridge.

More updates in future, we hope to cache images and further work on reducing the load of the bridge. 
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