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WHMCS Bridge - Notes on WHMCS 6

  • Friday, 24th July, 2015
  • 13:01pm
We will be releasing our latest revision of WHMCS Bridge and WHMCS Bridge Pro on Sunday and would like all our users to read through the following points before they continue with the upgrade:

  1. The new releases of bridge and bridge pro will work with WHMCS 5, upgrading to WHMCS 6 is not a requirement to use the latest version of our bridge plugins.
  2. The "portal" WHMCS template is no longer supported by WHMCS as of version 6.
    1. Through our testing the "portal" template's domain checker page no longer functions - it just renders a blank page with the breadcrumbs at the top.
    2. We have queried WHMCS for help with this but they no longer support it.
    3. Note that this is not an issue with the Bridge, it is an issue with WHMCS 6 and the portal theme.
    4. If you remain on WHMCS 5, portal will continue to function - otherwise you can re-code the domainchecker template page in your portal theme to get it to work with 6. 
    5. WHMCS Bridge Free users will have an option to either choose "portal" (legacy) or "five" as their WHMCS template.
  3. WHMCS Bridge Pro users can still use any template they like for their WHMCS, including the latest, responsive "six" theme.
    1. Please note, the following applies to the version "six" template, as with all other templates when combining with WHMCS: See KB Article
    2. The bridge has been updated to parse all of the new "six" theme's CSS and JS paths and functions - this does not guarantee it will render perfectly with your WordPress theme - see point above.
    3. If you were previously using the "default" template and want to keep using it after your upgrade to version 6, please use "five" as your template choice.
    4. We have tested "six" with our chosen theme and it does function responsively and should with other WordPress themes - remember: if your WP theme is not responsive it may not render perfectly on mobile devices.
  4. WHMCS Bridge Pro users must also update to the latest version of the WHMCS Bridge Addon for WHMCS.
  5. WordPress plugin updates will appear via your WordPress updates as per usual, the bridge addon must be downloaded from our website by logging in and viewing the available downloads for your active WHMCS Bridge Pro service.

While this plugin has been tested thoroughly with the new version of WHMCS (6), there is always the potential for bugs to slip through the cracks - please submit any issues you may experience to our support ticket system.

CSS related issues will be treated with LOW priority as these are almost always not bugs, rather conflicts with your chosen WordPress theme that can be rectified by implementing custom CSS which you can capture into the bridge settings page "Custom styles" box.

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